Content Creation

We create content that converts. Every asset aligns with your commercial goals, speaks directly to your audience and builds a conversation around your brand.

Social Media Tailored Content

The importance of on brand, high quality content that has Social Media specifically in mind is paramount to the success of an online marketing campaign. Digital Dita methodology doesn’t only cover execution across multiple platforms but the suitability of the content for different channels, devices & campaign objectives. 

Our content teams capture high quality video & photo specifically shot with the versatility to be able to be repositioned on various channels such as YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.


How your business is perceived visually should be part of a well balanced marketing strategy. The digital “window“ into your business needs to have the wow-factor to differentiate your offering from competitors, whilst controlling the online perception of the business.

Using a deliberate & consistent aesthetic across all channels, will give potential customers the intended first impression. Customer generated content and/ or influencer content will help to add to the natural feel across social channels.


Blogging can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your companies profile. The use of regular quality blog content will enhance both your Search Engine ranking & provide content for the consumer, adding to the depth of Social Media channel content.

Dita creates blog content with a combination of user experience enhancing content & SEO optimised copy to help clients rank higher than competitors organically on Google. Also known as content marketing, blogging can produce an extremely high ROI in both the short & long term.

Audio & Voice

Audio content is a vastly under utilized type of accessible content, which when produced to a high quality & optimized to be found, it is a strong customer acquisition tool. Content Marketing in Audio form can be effective in various formats including Podcasts, sound bites or optimizing for voice recognized searches. This year more than 1 billion voice searches will happen every month worldwide which makes voice recognized, optimized text content important. Dita’s SEO teams optimize all client websites for voice search-ability.

Business Content Marketing Services

You need great copywriting that demonstrates industry expertise and builds an engaging website that ranks well in search. We can deliver.

Copy Writing

Copywriting is a natural part of the day-to-day management of client’s Social Media channels, Websites, Blogs, Newsletters & SEO growth. Engaging copy that captures your business’s brand voice whilst satisfying Google’s ever-changing algorithms is half art, half science. A true passion our consultants harbor for Dita client’s products & services helps us to achieve captivating short & long form written narrative. 

When coupled with a wider view of competitor analysis, keyword data, search volumes & past experience, we know what resonates.


Bespoke mobile optimised content for your target audience, with the sole purpose to attract & retain customers. The consistent creation & curation of relevant & valuable content with the direct intention of changing or enhancing consumer behavior driving increased loyalty & referrals. Shareable, likeable & emotion evoking content strategy is at the foundation of business social media strategy.


While we are not a ‘Creative Agency’ we have successfully offered creative services for our clients. It is important that your brand is concise and you know who you are as a company, you should know who you are and maintain your brand. It is worth the money you spend on services such as Graphic Design to distinguish yourself.


Once you have high quality content ready to enhance your brand image and marketing it is important that this content is seen and released in the optimum way. Dita Marketing Specialists amplify the exposure of any content released through all relevant marketing channels. Cascading of important and on brand content across all areas of potential customer acquisition will lead to an increase in brand awareness and sales.

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Through a full suite of digital marketing tactics, our team of digital strategists and creative minds have put together a strategy that incorporates all the solutions needed to solve the biggest challenges companies face in today’s market within a desired period of time.


With Digital Dita, we are flexible with our pricing and we are considerate and accommodative of all types and sizes of business from startups to big companies. Our friendly affordable pricing is welcoming and you will be able to develop a long terms mutual partnership with you.


With over 10 years of experience, we have been able to work with brands and grow their presence online. We have helped hundreds of businesses, small and large in achieving their revenue goals through digital means. Every client we work with becomes a part of the team. We help forward thinking clients succeed in digital culture as we overcome challenges and celebrate victories together.


Our team is made of experienced and highly skilled individuals in the digital sector. We understand that our people impact the success of our business and drive results, so we hire only the best for us. We strategically help build your brand, improve your global web-presence and develop more meaningful relationships with your customers.
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